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Plans to Petition to open

WISE Scholars Academy


WISE Scholars Foundation Board Members L-R, Ms. Marshalette Wise, Dr. Victor Brown, Mr. Larry Jemison, and Dr. Michele Wise-Wright discuss educational reform and charter schools.

WISE Scholars Foundation has a vision of opening a charter school that will function as both a public boarding school and a college preparatory, called WISE Scholars Academy.

Students will both attend school and reside on the premises of WISE Scholars Academy in dormitory-style housing. Some students may be eligible to reside on the premises year-round. Some may reside for the duration of the school year and return home during the summer months, while others may return home every weekend or month. There are a variety of residential choices depending on individual circumstances and student needs.

Target student populations of WISE Scholars Academy will primarily be those who are in the foster care system; are living in homeless shelters; have been to or recently released from juvenile detention centers; have been attending alternative schools; have been suspended or expelled from their last school; are “at-risk” of failing in their academics; and/or have behavioral issues.

The benefits of a public boarding school that also serves as a college preparatory are both numerous and stimulating. This is especially true when considering our target population. These students are already “at-risk” of dropping out due to many factors such as an unstable home and living environment. 


WISE Scholars Academy will give students the resources and support system they need to stay the course of education.

It is our goal that upon high-school graduation from WISE Scholars Academy, all graduates will have acceptance letters from postsecondary institutions followed by full-time enrollment in the one of their choice; full-time employment; or a 50/50 combination of part-time enrollment and part-time employment.

We aim to build a collaboration with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s). Within this collaboration, we envision securing enrollment for all of our student residents upon their graduation.

WISE Scholars Academy will follow up with our graduates and have them serve as mentors for our next cohort of students. Follow-up will be an integral pillar of our school. We will remain a constant resource to our graduates throughout their lives through our WISE Scholars Mentors program.

WISE Scholars Academy envisions starting off with grades 9th thru 12th, going down a grade level each year, until the school is effectively accommodating grades Kindergarten thru 12th grade. We maintain the reason for targeting the higher grades first is because they are most vulnerable to being left behind and potentially dropping out go high school.

The curriculum will consist of state-mandated standards as well as new and innovative subjects, classes, instructional strategies, and educational tools.  Students will also be afforded the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school and participate in international student exchange programs.

Reverend Edward A. Malloy in his book Monk Reflections said: “A college degree is not a sign that one is a finished product, but an indication a person is prepared for life.” 


The opening of WISE Scholars Academy will aid parents, students, and the community with “Preparing Today for Higher Education Tomorrow.”

Learn more about WISE Scholars Academy and show support for our petition to open a charter school, that will serve as both a public boarding school and a college preparatory, in Tuskegee, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia at

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