Mr. William Wilson

william-wilsonMr. William Wilson

Executive Board Member

Mr. William Wilson joined the staff of the University of Minnesota as Program Coordinator in the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs since 1969.  He worked there until his appointment as Minnesota Commissioner of Human Rights.

Upon completing a four-year term, he was elected to Saint Paul City Council in 1981.  He became the first African American elected to the Saint Paul City Council. He served on the Council for thirteen years, four of which he served as its President.

In tribute to his contributions to the Saint Paul City Government, a bronze bust of Mr. Wilson is displayed on the third floor of Saint Paul City Hall.

In 1968, Mr. Wilson founded the Inner Youth League to provide needed services to African American youths in Saint Paul.

His continued commitment to molding the youth of today as leaders of tomorrow no doubt left him with the desire to do more.

Upon retiring from public service, it was no coincidence that in 1999 his vision to do more became a reality and Higher Ground Academy, Minnesota’s premier Afro-Centric K-12 school was born and he serves as the Executive Director.

Today, Higher Ground Academy is doing better than ever. Mr. Wilson has received many awards for his leadership of this groundbreaking charter school. His second school is now in progress.

Mr. William Wilson is currently an Executive Board Member of WISE Scholars Foundation.